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Jonathan Love

President - Voting Member
Born and raised in Hays County, football became a part of my life from an early age. I played as a kid and throughout my academic career, so it was a special moment when my 7yo son declared that he, too, wanted to play football one day. After researching local football programs, we joined the Bandits organization in 2018. Both of my sons, now 8yo and 10yo play on the Bandits, and I've had the pleasure of coaching both of their teams. I'm honored to be serving on the Buda Bandits Board as President, and am looking forward to serving more of our youth in years to come.

 Email: [email protected]

 Phone: 512.983.3688
Curtis Sotkovski

Vice President - Voting Member
I graduated with a degree in Kinesiology and worked as a personal trainer and physical therapist in Dallas. My wife and kids and I moved to Marble Falls in 2010 where I am originally from. This is where I grew up playing football and formed a love for the game. Wakeboarding has always been a hobby of mine and now I own and operate a cable wakeabording park called Next Level Ride in East Austin. We have been in Buda for two years now and my boys have played for the Buda Bandits since 2017. I coached my sons in baseball, wake boarding, motocross and now am a coach for their football team. I am very excited to see my passion form in them at such a young age. Thankful to be a part of the Bandits!
Email: [email protected]

 Phone: 512.547.0223
 VACANT Registrar (Chair Committee) - Non Voting Member
~Duties & Responsibilities~
A. Coordinates and conducts the annual signup process for all cheerleaders, football players, and staff.
B. Coordinates with the Treasurer to verify that all participants have paid for activities they've registered for.
C. Maintains a complete and accurate database of participant records, including player demographic information, birth certificates, age/weight, elementary school designation, waivers and release forms, player transfer forms, coach forms, background checks, and so on.
D. Coordinates requisite registration information with CFPO-PAL.
E. Participates in annual budget planning, focusing specifically on costs related to registration.
F. Conducts the registration process for football and cheer.
G. Conducts the registration process for preseason football and cheer camps
H. Coordinates with the Treasurer to establish, with board approval, BBFC registration payment plans, hardship discounts, and refund policies.
I. Coordinates with the Equipment Manager to track equipment returns (and return of equipment deposit check).

 Niki Sotkovski
Team Mom - Voting Member
I was born and raised in Dallas but have been in the Hill Country area for 9 years now. Since 2017 we’ve been here in Buda where I am a kinesiologist, a yoga instructor, a business owner, a wife and a mother of three wild boys! It took some persuading to let them play football but since I found the bandits organization I couldn’t help but get involved. The first season my son played football I volunteered as the team mom while I was 7 months pregnant! Those next few months I saw our son grow to become an amazing leader and hard worker. As I was sending him off to his game I was delivering our next Buda Bandits boy to play football in the up coming years. It will be our third season now to be with the Bandits and I am thrilled that our whole family is involve. We couldn’t have been blessed with a better organization and family of parents to be raising our kids with.
 Email: [email protected]

 Phone: 512.913.1719
VACANTSecretary - Voting Member
~Duties & Responsibilities~
A. Records the minutes of all regularly scheduled and special board meetings.
B. Certifies meeting minutes for external parties, as necessary and when instructed by the President.
C. Manages BBFC record keeping and ensures the safety and accuracy of board records.
D. Participates in annual budget planning, focusing specifically on costs related to record-keeping and archives.
E. Arranges and schedules board meetings and communicates meeting time/location to board members.
F. Organizes and maintains important BBFC documents, including meeting minutes, bylaws, legal documents, and so on, for future reference.
G. Coordinates annual election process for Board of Directors.
H. Maintains a record of BBFC responsibilities, recurring tasks, and procedures. Maintains BBFC historical records for future reference.
I. Maintains a record of BBFC preferred vendors/suppliers, and contact information for future reference.
J. Key member of the BBFC Grievance/Ethics Committee.
K. Key member of the BBFC Financial Assistance Committee.
L. Not serve more than 3 consecutive terms without a 2/3 majority vote

Vicente Cedillos

Treasure - Voting Member
Information Officer - Non Voting Member

I am a current fulltime TX Army National Guard Soldier over 20yrs.  My family and I moved to Buda, TX. in 2012.  I started as a volunteer team photographer with the Buda Bandit Pee-Wee’s in 2016 when my oldest boy begged me to let him play tackle football. In 2018, I stepped in as an assistant coach during practice with primary duties as team photographer during games for the Fall and 2019 Spring season. This year I am excited to be the Treasurer, Webmaster & Social Media Coordinator of such a great program!  I have two daughters, and two boys of which only one currently will be playing Junior Buda Bandit Football. Lastly I’ve been blessed with a beautiful supportive wife who puts up with all the bruises, grass stains, tears, sweat and mud. Go Bandits!
 Email: [email protected]

 Phone: 512.944.7424
 VACANTTreasurer Assistant (Chair Committee) - Non Voting Member
~Duties & Responsibilities~
A. Assist treasurer with budgeting and book keeping.
B. Train to possibly take over the treasurer role.
C. Individual preferred should be savvy and or working in the field of accounting, finance

 VACANT Information Officer Assistant (Chair Committee) - Non Voting Member
~Duties & Responsibilities~
A. This position is to assist and train in social and web media for the organization.
B. This is including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, website, YouTube, etc.
C. Individual should be tech savvy with new ideas to better our media platforms.

Kasi Zsembik

Director of Cheerleading - Voting Member
I was born in Louisiana (Who Dat!!) but moved to Texas as fast I could as my mother told me. I have lived in the South Austin/Buda/Kyle area for almost my whole life. This will be our second year being apart of the Bandits. I have had a passion for cheer since I was 7 years old. I cheered from early childhood through high school until I found dance. I am a mother of 2 wonderful children Daniel and Kial. Daniel is a very talented wrestler and Kial was born to be a cheerleader! I love being outside and just enjoying life! I am very excited to be apart of this organization and ready to tackle my role as Head Cheer Coordinator.
Email: [email protected]

Phone: 512.810.1090
Melissa Seals
Cheer Program Coordinator - Voting Member
We moved to Buda a year ago and found the Bandits! My youngest daughter loves cheer and we jumped right in! Ive been married to my best friend for 15 years and we have five amazing kids, 3 girls and 2 boys! My oldest cheers at Johnson High School and I also have a dancer, a wide receiver at Dahlstom and an avid rock collector! Im feel so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful organization who genuinely cares about the kids and fosters good attitudes and high success!!
 Email: [email protected]

Phone: 737.414.2888
 Jeremy Ogden
Director of Football - Voting Member
I work for the Texas Army National Guard. I have lived in Buda since 2018 from Montana. As I moved I was blessed to get the opportunity to continue to coach youth football with the Bandits. I have coached youth football since 2010. I have 2 boys who both play with the Bandits. I love all aspects of the game, I believe that it teaches the players more than a game. I believe it teaches them valuable lessons that builds character and positive qualities that we want for the future of our country.
Email:[email protected]

 Phone: 406.231.4149

Football Program Coordinator - Voting Member
~Duties & Responsibilities~
A. Perform other duties as assigned by the Football Director or association
C. Ensuring the football field is available for practice sessions and that players show up on time.
D. Establishing rules and regulations and ensuring players are familiar with them.
E. Organizing team building sessions and activities off the field.
F. Fostering good sportsmanship in all team players, resolving disputes, and addressing bad behavior in a timely manner.
G. Ensuring all sports equipment is available and in working order.
H. Coordinate Assistant Coaches are identified, qualified, and ready to coach.
I. Not serve more than 3 consecutive terms without a 2/3 majority vote
J. Shall nominate and train successor

Equipment Manager (Chair Committee) - Non Voting Member
~Duties & Responsibilities~
A. Assume responsibility for equipment that has been provided by the BBFC.
B. Maintain an inventory of all athletic equipment and keep accurate records of issuance of equipment to athletes, coaches, and staff.
C. Clean and maintain equipment. Repair damaged equipment when necessary.
D. Develops and executes an equipment maintenance, storage, and purchasing plan.

 Jayna Love

Director of Fundraising - Voting Member
I fell in love with our community over a decade ago when my husband and I moved to Hays County. We have built a family, a business and a life here in Buda, TX and I am proud to have some small part in building the Buda Bandits organization. My two sons, Hunter and Caleb are avid football enthusiasts and have enjoyed playing with the Bandits since 2018. While I love being 'team Mom' and cheering for my sons as they play, I value the life lessons they learn on the field even more so. Perseverance, leadership, teamwork, grit, commitment and hard work are reinforced each and every game, practice and gathering. I'm proud to be part of an organization who is sharing these important skills to youth across Hays County and beyond! Go Bandits!
Email: [email protected]

 Phone: 512.217.1875

 Frank Moreno Advisor 
 Davina MorenoAdvisor 

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